Birth Stories & Testimonials

Stories bring an event to life, helping us to imagine and visualise, to give us more clarity and to inspire us.

This is true of birth stories too.

But all too often we hear bad birth stories along our journey through pregnancy and birth, which make us feel frightened and discouraged.

Good birth stories are exciting, encouraging, moving, uplifting and infectious…

“Talking to a woman with a good birth story to tell is like having a magic key.  The message ‘I did it, so can you’ is more powerful than you can ever imagine”.


Caspar & Jenny – 2nd baby
Vicky – 2nd baby
Elena – 2nd baby
Greeshma – 1st baby
Charlotte – 2nd baby
Lucy & Louis – 1st baby
Gabby & Tughela – 1st baby
Reena & Anton – 3rd baby
Kate – 3rd baby
Marie & Tim – 1st baby
Fiona & Daiman – 2nd baby
Laura & Rob – 2nd Baby

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