Laura & Rob – 2nd Baby

Just wanted to let you know that our baby boy Louis was born on Wednesday 23 November at 8.30pm. My waters broke at 4.30am and we spent the day pottering around at home with Eva (and, in Rob’s case, pumping up the birthing pool and searching for towels…). Things started to get serious at around 4pm when Eva went out with her grandma.

The midwife arrived at 5pm, Eva was back home and in bed by 8pm and half an hour later out came her baby brother! It all went amazingly well and Rob had his wish of catching his son as he was born in the water.

I feel very proud of all of us, but especially me!! Will never forget reaching down and feeling his little soft head coming out. Amazing. He weighed seven pounds, six ounces and according to the midwife managed to sleep through most of the birth, which I guess shows how calm it all was.

I wanted to thank you for all the work you put in to get us to this point. I don’t think we would have considered a home birth or had such an amazing experience if it wasn’t for you and HypnoBirthing.

We are three months in! Life has changed a great deal, as I’m sure you can imagine, but I still think often of the magical night little Louis was born in our living room and wanted to thank you again for helping us to have the experience we so wanted. Your warm and calm and sensible guidance made it feel possible to do what so many see as impossible and I will always be grateful.

Laura & Rob – 2nd Baby