Greeshma – 1st baby

Initially both my husband and I were doubtful about the effectiveness of this form of childbirth. After reading the literature and watching various video clips we began to open up to the concept.

I met Michelle in 2009 when I was expecting my first baby. She attended my home regularly for one on one HypnoBirthing classes. In very little time Michelle managed to help me connect with my unborn baby and help me understand my body and it’s changes during childbirth. She helped to relax me and prepare me for the wonderfully natural process of bringing a baby into the world with minimal fuss and strain.

So when I felt my first surge, I knew what to do. I went on for almost 12 hours in peace whilst practicing the techniques Michelle had taught me. I didn’t even tell my husband that I was in labour until much later.

When the time came for me to attend the birthing unit, my midwife was surprised at my composure and control. I was left to practice my learned techniques. With the support of my husband and midwives I delivered my baby relatively comfortably and naturally a few hours later.

I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is interested in engaging with the hypnoBirthing technique.

Greeshma – 1st baby