Fiona & Daiman – 2nd baby

I was well into my second pregnancy when I heard about Michelle. I had a traumatic emergency c-section with my first child and was desperate not to repeat the experience. Having a natural birth after a c-section is known as a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian) and I had met another VBAC mother who recommended Michelle and Hypnobirthing.

Michelle was the best thing that could have happened to us. She encouraged us to visualise the birth as a joyful, natural process, and to help me to release my fears about a medicalised birth.

When my son was 10 days past due-date, Michelle gave us both the strength to resist the doctor’s pressure to have a c-section. Obi was born naturally two days later.

Thanks to the visualisation and breathing practice, I had no need for any intervention or drugs. I felt no pressure to ‘do’ the birth in any other way than the way my body and the baby wanted it.

Michelle also really helped my husband, too. His role as my supporter and advocate took all the external stresses out of my consciousness. In the hospital, he made sure the lights were dimmed, asked everyone to speak in low voices and ensured that all medical discussions about my ‘condition’ were held outside the room, so I could focus on relaxing and feeling what my body and our son was doing.

I have recommended Michelle to all of my friends who are pregnant, and everyone who has done her HypnoBirthing course is completely evangelical about her!

Fiona & Daiman – 2nd baby